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Books and Badass-ery!
mind meld
I have graduated! YAY!!! Though technically, I haven't since a grade got submitted late. My summer has consisted of working at my local library, where in the Youth Service's Section, I get to boss around the Teen Volunteers and color a lot. I feel like I've reverted back to childhood with the coloring, though I suppose it's a nice a break from being "grown up."

Recently finished reading Sarah Rees Brennan's second book, The Demon's Covenant, and it's official: I am in love with the character of Alan Ryves. Why can't he exist in real life?? What is wrong with all the real men in the world??? GAH!!!!

I'm wondering what it is about fictional boys that makes girls pine so readily. It must be the sensitivity plus badass-ery without having to worry about if they left the toilet seat up.

1. Alan Ryves (The Demon's Lexicon, The Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan) -- Have I mentioned how much I love the character of Alan Ryves? Just in case you missed it the first 300 times, I love Alan Ryves. I wish he were real. But then demons would have to be real and that would be messy. Truth be told, Alan's brother Nick is the dark, handsome, brooding one, but Heathcliff spoiled all that for me (though in Book 2, Nick started to grow on me. In Book 1, he was a bit too much of a bastard). Anyway, back to the love of my literary life. Alan is dorky/nerdy, wears glasses, and loses all the girls he likes to his brother Nick. He's ridiculously sweet and nice to people who are barely more than strangers because he's just like that. And also because he feels guilty (but that's part of the plot, which I can't spoil for you). Not to mention, he's a Master Planner, manipulator, and really good with a gun. Yes, badass-ery!!!!

2. Eugenides (The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner) -- First off, I love these books. They are amazing. If you have not, you must read them immediately. Immediately, I say! And Eugenides is devious and clever and very very funny. He's very much not the handsome hero nor does he want to be, and maybe it's because of that that you end up loving him anyway. Despite his petty faults, he's brave and willing to take ridiculous risks for the people he loves. I think I like him because in many ways, he's the antihero, yet he turns out to be quite heroic despite it all.

3. Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) -- Mr. Rochester don't have nothing on Darcy! Okay, I know, Darcy's the original copy of  "Man Changes Self to Please Girl" so there's a bit of eye-rolling involved, but come's Darcy! (And being acted out by Colin Firth certainly doesn't hurt matters.) He's what girls live for: rich (ten thousand a year!, said Mrs. Bennet), handsome (so tall!, said Mrs. Bennet), willing to reform scoundrels for the sake of your sister, willing to reform Self for you, and faithful even post rejection. Darcy's the Romantic Hero that all romantic heroes after his time aspire to. Gotta have him on the list.

4.  Nat Eaton (The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare) -- I love this book. I don't always read a lot of historical fiction (fantasy has always been my thing), but I really enjoyed the character of Kat, who moves from sunny Barbados to dreary New England after the death of grandfather. And who should she meet on her journey there but the handsome captain's son, who's actually a bit of a snarky bastard to her half the time, but Speare shows us that underneath all that, he's really a decent fellow. I love the parts where he comes and rescues Kat again and again, not because I think girls need rescuing, but it's nice to know there's someone to lean on when needed.

5. 6th Book Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling) -- I never really liked the character of Harry Potter. If he wasn't being a complete dud, he was busy being the most obnoxious, puberty-hit teenager in the literary world (I think I actually supported Voldemort during the 5th Book). But then, in the 6th Book, everything changed. Suddenly, Harry had backbone and his own opinions, and a brain. Plus, in the words of Hermione, it helped that he grew so much over the summer ("I'm tall" said Ron). 6th Book Harry was my favorite, because he wasn't afraid to be a person and he was willing to stand up for his beliefs. He was the first Harry to actually be a character, so he holds a special place in my heart.

6. Howl  (Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones) -- If he were real, I would probably hate Howl. He's annoying and snarky and completely obsessed with himself. Yet in fiction, he's quite charming, and despite all the messes he puts Sophie in, I can't help but suspect he's flirting and teasing her on purpose though he may be heartless. The romances in Diana Wynne Jones' books are always slightly strange, but I like how despite everything (or maybe because of) Howl dashes off to save Sophie in the end and she saves him in return.

7. Akkarin (The Black Magician's Trilogy by Trudi Canavan) -- This guy is so filled with badass-ery and evilness that he's impossible not to think he's hot. Yet, despite the Portent of Doom surrounding his persona, he somehow also appears kind and caring. Definitely a puzzle, but a handsome one to boot!

! You posted!

And what an excellent post! :D I'm with you on Eugenides, Nat, and Howl. I say this because they seem safer to hang with. Alan and Harry's friends tend to, um, how should we say it? come to very bad and not very happy ends. :P

He's what girls live for: rich (ten thousand a year!, said Mrs. Bennet), handsome (so tall!, said Mrs. Bennet),

hahaha. <3

oh hi you. this is what circular stalking will do a girl, I swear!

.........the hell, how do you know penguin_mania_7? <3

i'm here because of srb's twitter, and apparently i have friends here. ANYWAY. I 100% agree with you, stranger, about Alan (is it wrong that such a dysfunctional person could be everything i love wrapped in one? SIGH) and Howl (..... yes let's just repeat those brackets, shall we) and, you know, clearly I have problems.

another problem: i haven't read half of these books. TRAVESTY (in fact, i believe harry potter's the only other one). so, do i need to hunt down these other wonderful men?



i actually had no idea, but now i feel extremely special. YAY!!!

B-b-b-but. How did she find out???

*is amazed at the internet*

i think because i recently wrote on her LJ about how much i liked demon's covenant. i can't think of any other reason, which could be quite potentially creepy.

also, yes, you MUST read the Attolia/Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner if you haven't already.

>_>;; sorry, Peiharn, will stop spamming your inbox now.

I'm glad you agree about Alan. I think Alan may be my one and only true love. if i die cat lady, i think it may very well be his fault. lol!

and YES! you definitely have to read these other books (i agree with simone's assessment of Megan Whalen Turner's books. seriously, no one can die happy until they've read them.)

Squee, Nat Eaton!! :D:D:D While I can't say I bought my copy of Blackbird Pond just for him, he was a factor. xD

(Also Almanzo Wilder, yes? :P)


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